Chapter 8

Adding Functionality with jQuery and PHP

This page serves as the companion web page for Chapter 8 of Expression Web 4 Step by Step.

Expression Web 4 provides support not only for Microsoft technologies, but also for other popular web development tools. This chapter shows you how to take advantage of the jQuery JavaScript library and the web development language PHP using Expression Web 4.

After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Use jQuery in Expression Web
  • Use Expression Web’s PHP Tools

Using jQuery in Expression Web

JQuery is a lightweight JavaScript Library that makes authoring JavaScript much faster and easier than ever. It’s currently very popular among designers and developers alike because of its ease of use, flexibility, and plug-in ecosystem.

When you complete this chapter segment you will be able to link your page to a jQuery library, and use the jQuery features and plug-ins in your page

jQuery in Expression Web

Using Expression Web's PHP Tools

PHP is a powerful scripting language that is platform independent. As long as your host has PHP installed on your server, you can use it regardless of server type. When a browser requests a PHP page, the PHP script is executed on the server and the resulting HTML is sent to the browser. PHP pages may contain text, HTML, and script blocks and offer similar functionality to "Legacy ASP” pages.

In this portion of the chapter, you will become familiar with the Expression Web 4 tools for PHP and how to use them. You will use PHP to create a list of all the images in a folder automatically. You will also learn how to work with PHP functions, variables, and includes in Expression Web 4. At the end of the chapter, you will find references to more information about programming in PHP.

When you complete this chapter segment you will be able to use Expression Web's PHP tools

Using PHP in Expression Web
    • This PHP group’s official site. Not only can you download PHP executables to run on your computer, but a full site of documentation, help, and a full complement of developer resources.
      • Tip If you’re looking for quick information about a topic in PHP, you can enter the domain as such: or If there’s a page for that topic, it will be displayed; if there isn’t a page to display, you’ll automatically see search results for the topic in question.
    • This Australian site is full of practical examples for using PHP code. There are articles from both a design and a programming perspective. They also have several books on the topic of PHP.
    • This is a very large index of "everything PHP,” from completed scripts you can use, to communities of people using and learning PHP.

Key Points

  • Using jQuery in Expression Web can help you enhance your pages with client-side
  • Using the Expression Web PHP Tools can help you add server-side functionality to your
  • jQuery plug-ins add tremendous functionality.
  • Designers can use jQuery and PHP code together to create interesting and reusable

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