About Expression Web 4 Step by Step

Expression Web 4 Step by Step is the third book by Chris Leeds on Microsoft Expression Web.


Who Is This Book For?

This book is intended for existing or new web designers. While the book intends to provide lessons to new web designers, even experienced practitioners will be able to quickly gain familiarity with the Expression Web 4 user interface and features. Former FrontPage users should also find this book helpful in making a transition from FrontPage to Expression Web.


This book expects that you have at least a minimal understanding of basic computer use and file operations with your chosen operating system. No experience in web design or development is required.

Contents at a Glance


I want to thank the readers of my previous edition of this book, and the visitors to my support site (www.ExpressionWebStepByStep.com). I’d like to include a special thanks to Russell Jones (O’Reilly Media, Project Editor), Kathleen Anderson and Gerry Tiegrob (Technical Reviewers), and all the people at Microsoft Press and O’Reilly Media who really had more to do with the physical manifestation of this book than I did. Last but not least I’d like to thank the people on the Expression Web product team for their commitment to deliver a truly technology-agnostic web design tool that makes modern, standards-based web authoring so much easier than it used to be.
Thank you all!
Chris Leeds

About the Author

Chris Leeds is a long-time digital photographer and Web enthusiast who was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Office FrontPage and then Expression Web for ten years. He is also a Network Partner with Microsoft’s Website Spark program (www.WebSiteSpark), commentator at Lockergnome (www.Lockergnome.com), and a software reviewer on BrightHub (www.BrightHub.com).

Chris developed a software product called ContentSeed (www.ContentSeed.com) with which users can create Web pages that can be edited and managed by using only a browser.

Chris was a technical reviewer for FrontPage 2003 (The Missing Manual), the author of Microsoft Expression Web Step by Step, Microsoft Expression Web 2 Step by Step (the previous version of this book), co-author for Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Step by Step, has developed several tutorials about FrontPage, and hopes to continue helping the user community through the Web site www.ExpressionWebStepByStep.com, from which he’ll try to answer questions regarding the book and Microsoft Expression products.

About Expression Web 4

Microsoft Expression Web 4 is the newest web editing and management application from Microsoft. It is a professional design tool used to create modern, standards-based sites that deliver superior quality on the web.

From the perspective of a designer or developer, the modern web bears only a slight resemblance to the web of even as little as five years ago. Expression Web 4 is an effort by Microsoft to provide a tool that helps designers attain modern web design standards and practices.

Expression Web 4 includes features that help ensure your output adheres to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) validity standards, and that help you to cleanly separate content from presentation by taking advantage of the functionality and capabilities of cascading style sheets (CSS).

As you drill deeper into Expression Web 4, you will find tools to make working with Microsoft ASP.NET much more comfortable than ever before, such as the ASP.NET Development Server that installs with Expression Web, and the ASP.NET Controls group in the Toolbox panel.

In addition, Expression Web helps you to easily use some of the features that ASP.NET offers, specifically, ASP.NET Master Pages, Navigation Controls, and Data Controls spring to mind. It’s refreshing that tools with this type of power are available in a user-friendly designer-centric application like Expression Web 4 as opposed to being limited to programmer-oriented tools such as Microsoft Visual Web Developer or Microsoft Visual Studio.

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