Expression Web 4 Step by Step

by Chris Leeds

This page serves as the home page of the companion web site for Expression 4 Web Step by Step.

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Screen Videos

Screen videos designed specifically to complement the exercises and topics in this book are indexed here.

Practice Files

Most of the chapters in this book include exercises that let you interactively try out new material learned in the main text. All sample projects are available for download from the book's website.

Installing the Code Samples

Unzip the file that you downloaded from the book’s website to a locationon your hard drive.
In order for your screen to match the images in this book, we recommendthat you unzip the folder to:
\User\Documents\Microsoft Press\Expression Web 4 SBS\

What’s In the Sample Code?

This book’s sample code contains the main "SampleSite” with a page for each chapter of thisbook, several Deep Zoom Composer projects, videos, an Expression Design graphics template,and all the other assets required to complete the chapter exercises you will encounter.

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